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November 2020

Eco-System Development and Importance

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The next ten years promise a $100 trillion marketplace for eco-system development. I made the number up. I did so because eco-system potential is not quantifiable. It represents platforms built by Goggle, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft. It represents giant manufacturers like Alibaba, Foxconn, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Volkswagon. It represents pharmaceutical giants like Johnson & Johnson,…

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Advok8 Defined Web Sites

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Advok8 is a unique agency in that our entire concept is growth. We do allot of different types of things, but if a client were to ask my what it is that we are good at, it is the business of creating growth. Sales, market, investor or community growth. I think that a web site…

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Growth through lower cost per sale

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The cost per sale transaction is something that must be redefinied carefully. Driving sales towards an inside sales model can reduce cost, but in turn, reduce conversion rates. Outside executive sales can increase costs, but in turn, increase conversion rates. If these are the two extremes, it becomes important to define what lives between the…

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