Advok8 Media Development

Advok8 is unique in the development of videos for our clients. We are an FAA-certified drone operator. We do our own content writing. Our methods are low impact production.

how have you changed your sales organization

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Reimagining the sales process. Gone for good? 1. Planes, trains, and automobiles (Who wants to get on a plane?) 2. Face 2 face cold calling (“Block”, “Spam”, “Junk” are the thing) 3. Trade shows ($200,000 booth, salesmen like penguins in a line at the edge of the booth) 4. Drinks and links (My husband/wife/partner is…

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A look at digital marketing

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In a very short period of time, social media has completely changed the landscape of communications in the modern world. It has impacted every facet of our social, professional, and political lives. It has been such a shock to the system that many folks in Silicon Valley who helped to spearhead our socially connected world…

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Advok8 Defined Web Sites

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Advok8 is a unique agency in that our entire concept is growth. We do allot of different types of things, but if a client were to ask my what it is that we are good at, it is the business of creating growth. Sales, market, investor or community growth. I think that a web site…

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Time to Rethink the Sales Process

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The sales process has been changing for years.  Covid-19 simply is an incredibly large and late arriving motivator.  We will never return to the travelling salesperson days.  It is not because there will never be a vaccine or cure, it is because the sales process has been changing. Ask yourself a few questions: Will you…

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