We are enthused to work with other agencies. The three core characteristics that we have in working with other agencies are as follows. First, Steve is a technologist and can rapidly synthesize highly technical content into marketing content quickly. Second, Stuart is a highly skilled photographer and FAA certified drone operator. With both, the idea of building multimedia and video content is a strength. Steve doing scripts and Stuart producing media. Third, Steve was a marketing executive for over twenty years. His ability to visualize a strategic direction is un matched.

When we take on a project with a company, we are very specifically claiming we can increase sales by X%. It is something we have done, and it is something we are good at.

Social media starts with marketing content. Sometimes that content already exists. Sometimes we have to create it. Regardless, the social world lives in 15 second increments. We prepare the content. We also develop a list of social media targets, in a proprietary way. Finally, we start to feed messages into the social world. We also attach messages to the identified influencers. Finally, we engage each interested party in some way. This buzz ultimately starts to build a group of interested investors, partners or customers … whatever we are hired to do.

Three reasons that marketing as a service is a great package. First, ANY marketing/advertising company is going to have a start up period. Most bury it in the quote, which is why their service is so expensive. Marketing as a service is more symbiotic as we come along side your team to learn as we go. Second, marketing/agencies do what their scope of work dictates. If things change, then they charge more for deviations or additions. Marketing as a service is the same fee per month, regardless of the changes. No stress and you are in control. Third, marketing as a service is a platform that allows for additional services that are always 100% available. For instance, if somewhere in the middle of the engagement a video editor is required, no additional charge is recognized. We simply shift this talent into the project.

Startups that have yet to be able to afford hiring marketing but are in need for marketing. We offer a special low rate for startups. Lightweight marketing organizations often include one or two people (Marketing Manager, Marketing Administrator). We can come along side these people, and give them a powerful resource to draw down upon. CEO and CxO customers that know something is missing, most likely because they are not seeing the sales that they desire. We are a free agent that will come in and support the effort, build growth and eventually leave when things are healthy. It is the lowest cost to risk option.