Fractional Chief Growth Officer (CGO) is a unique Advok8 service.  It is the addition of business development and marketing executive to your leadership team.  It is also a service exclusively defined by outcome-based growth.

  • Startups may need to accelerate growth to stay alive.
  • Small businesses may need to grow against overwhelming global competitors.
  • Large businesses may simply need a new marketing and sales performance to increase sales.

What is constant is a need for growth.  Finally, rather than simply advising, we are a service of action.  Our back office is capable of all facets of business development, marketing and sales support.


Advok8 Fractional CGOs represents the knowledge of how to accomplish a number of critical tasks.  These include fundraising, business development,  marketing, communications, sales process & training, and public relations.  Our back office is proficient at software development, web development, interactive tool design, Adobe Creative Suite, salesforce.com, and much more.

Even for large companies, there may only be a few marketing resources, at a manager level or below.  In a startup, the ad agency quotes have been too rich to afford.  Regardless of the hurdle, Advok8 solves it.  Our goal is to enable you to start or to grow your revenue now rather than later.  Second, nothing is more attractive to us than the collaboration with your sales leadership to create opportunities, new leads, and new lines of business to energize the market.  It is our ability to add sales force automation, channel distribution, and social awareness that makes the sales job easier and maximizes the resources you have.

These things are what we do.

There is more.  In the design of this service, Advok8 wanted to add a whole next level service.  Instead of just talking about the brand, we wanted to deliver on it.  Instead of just recommending a web design, we wanted to be able to design a web site.  Instead of just planning video and media, we wanted to be able to shoot and produce it.  So we have built a complete ad agency staffed with professionals from computer programmers to photographers to web designers to graphic artists to social media experts.

Advok8 CGOs can not only conceptualize and plan a growth strategy, but we can also deliver it to you in a fast and low-cost manner.


  • President or CEO seeking significant improvement in sales.
  • Head of Sales and Marketing enabling them to discover new strategies to sell their products and services.


The things we are capable of:

  1. Strategic planning using Advok8’s own MAPP process.
  2. Marketing leadership from our CGO, with over thirty years of marketing leadership experience.
  3. Fully capable video capabilities including being an FAA certified commercial drone operator.
  4. A portfolio of developing complex and voluminous web sites.
  5. The tremendous success in communications including placement of products on top international television programming.
  6. Award-winning design and execution of trade show booth design and event management.
  7. Growth of four $100M product lines through the design of both product and the management of sales campaigns.
  8. Raising over $20M, two times, for startup companies, while also participating successfully in smaller fundraising.


When the fractional CGO is delivered, we anticipate a relationship that lasts anywhere from six months to multiple years.  We have shown clients how cost-effective we are relative to alternatives, and define our relationship by the results we achieve.

Fractional CGO Explained

The fractional CGO is a concept that allows you to move your business forward in a very productive way.

  • Large companies with weak strategy for future – seeking to bring in a consultant for a long term engagement to put the effort into planning the future via cross-discipline collaboration.
  • Large companies with established sales, but no marketing – seeking the first experience to integrate marketing within sales to improve sales team process and sales team pitch to customers.
  • Fully staffed marketing organization – seeking a CGO that can technically deliver on development of complex, tedious or time-consuming marketing work that would otherwise not get done (i.e. universal product data sheets, EDI development for channels)
  • Medium companies with zero to two marketing administrators – seeking to support the current team with a CGO offering a marketing back office to accomplish a significant brand, campaign, launch or activity calendar for six months to two years.
  • Startup companies – no marketing or sales at this point.  Most likely accomplished via founders.  Bringing in an established team to leapfrog organic growth.
  • Startup companies – looking to build or rebuild the company and product marketing, plus completing a compelling investor presentation, to facilitate a round of investment funding.

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