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I am privledged to be on the Board of Directors for the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute. Advok8 just spent this last week doing a film study of the organization. We essentially sat up a small studio on premise, and we interviewed a diverse set of PPI associates. As I reflect back on the week, and I think about the intent of one of our video projects, it is to inform donors and potential donors of the value they bring to the organization. In fact, some that are reading this may have been previously asked by me to donate to us:


The reason I am writing today is to promote an understanding of how valuable we are in Western Pennsylvania as an organization providing a counseling and therapy-based service to help people through difficult life problems and mental illness. Our unique value is to integrate a person’s individual faith (religious and/or spiritual) with their problems. To create a safe space for individuals, couples, and families to meet with our certified therapists understanding that we will respect and integrate their spiritual needs into the counseling we offer. On one side, I suggest that church-directed counseling anchors everything in the legalism of their belief structure. Sin, forgiveness, rebirth, repentance, etc. On the other side, I suggest that higher-level medical care often is most interested in landing on a diagnosis and treatment. Cause and effect. PPI sits in the middle.

First and foremost, I hope you pause to think of PPI as an important resource for your needs or your family’s needs. Our services are affordable and accessible. Healing mind and spirit in a safe and nurturing place is the essence of PPI. Second, we are seeing growth in demand for our services that is challenging. If you see yourself in a position to donate anything, rest assured that it will be spent helping people. As it has throughout our 55+ year existence, we stay very true to our mission.

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