Strategic Sales and Growth Analysis (SSGA) is a detailed focus on the addressable marketplace, the competition, the route to market and the sales performance.  How can the company, products and services be marketed to increase the addressable market, to pass the competition with customers, to find a route to market with higher probability of sales, and achieve performance with lower cost of sales?


Growth used to be about the relationships of the sales executives and the efforts of direct sales professionals. This is still important.  However, today’s environment almost certainly involves two significant changes.  Global sourcing has changed the way customers buy.  Multi-tiered channels and distribution sales have displaced direct sales models.  A product’s virtual footprint and strategic placement into a web service environment is more important than any physical effort.  Advok8 helps build the strategy towards this future.


  • President or CEO seeking significant improvement in sales.
  • Head of Sales and Marketing enabling them to discover new strategies to sell their products and services.


Advok8 has the experience and back office team to build appropriate virtual product records, capable of processing 1,000s of products and their SKU based configurations.  From designing the product part numbers to building the appropriate data records, Advok8 can accomplish what you have previously found impossible.  Finally, once the marketing collateral is ready, Advok8 can facilitate building a successful multi-tiered channel sales effort that vastly improves revenues, competitive strength and sales coverage.  All while reducing cost of sales.


  • Personal Selling – Using a sales force to establish a network of customers and sell to them. Common in areas such as business-to-business sales.
  • Sales Outsourcing – Using a third party as a sales force.
  • Retail – Selling through physical locations such as a shop or product showroom.
  • Automated Retail – Automated retail such as self-service kiosks.
  • Ecommerce – Selling through digital channels such as a website, app or game.
  • Resellers – Firms that purchase your products and services to resell them such as sellers on an eCommerce platform.
  • White Label – Allowing your products and services to be branded by resellers.
  • Direct Marketing – Directly reaching out to prospective customers by telephone, mail, door-to-door or digital communication tools such as email.
  • Value-Added Resellers – Firms that add something to your products and services. For example, a system integrator who installs configures and customizes the software for customers.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer – A model whereby parts suppliers sell to manufacturers of a finished product.
  • Wholesaler – Distributors that sell to retailers and eCommerce sellers.
  • Import & Export Agents – Distributors in a foreign market that import products or local distributors that specialize in exporting products.
  • Local Agents – Agents are intermediaries who are authorized to represent you in a transaction. In some industries, sales are primarily driven by a network of agents who work on commission.

As a hypothetical example, let’s consider a client whose product is a bottle of ketchup. After analyzing their business and market we might identify the following windows of opportunity.

  • Selling ketchup into restaurant supply chains.
  • Private labeling ketchup for a major hotel chain.
  • Selling ketchup with another brand name through a competitive entity.
  • Creating an online presence to sell ketchup through Amazon.
  • Selling with a partner into a lucrative international market.

Then, we would create specific marketing strategies for each channel to maximize success rates in those avenues.


When the SSGA process is complete, Advok8 will have completely reengineered the way our client competes for sales in the addressable market.  We will have re-designed the way products are configured and presented to the channel, including doing the hardwork of building effective data records.