Advok8’s marketing and business development strategies are built on the experience of our founder and lead strategist Steve Day. Throughout his decades of working in the sales, product development, and marketing for large multinational corporations Steve was challenged so solve unique sales challenges in highly competitive and technical environments. He found that many times traditional marketing strategies were either ineffective or lacked repeatability. So, in response to this experience he began developing processes that are repeatable, accountable and have proven over time to succeed in growing market shares and revenue of some of the largest companies in their respective industries. Too many people marketing is all about the visual and aesthetic elements that make up branding and advertising. While the creative aspects of marketing are very important, we believe that marketing is only as valuable as the strategy behind it. The creative elements are vehicles for the overall business development strategy that is built upon an in-depth understanding of markets, industries, business, products, people and clients.

In other words, most “marketing” can be accomplished by a savvy graphic designer. But Advok8’s marketing can only be accomplished by someone with a storied history in sales and product development for multibillion-dollar international companies.


Companies large and small are guilty of overlooking brand development. Many companies want to take it on but struggle to understand it or to piece all the visual and social elements together to create a powerful and cohesive brand. This is where proverbial science meets art.

A brand, put simply, is a companies projected identity. It is the sum of a multitude of working pieces from social media campaigns, product photography, visual style, video content, written pieces, logos, color themes down to every little detail like the type of paper used in brochures. Every outward-facing aspect of your business that your clients (and anyone else) interact with work together to form a “brand”.

The purpose of the brand is to implicitly communicate your company’s history, values, priorities, expertise and talents to your clients in a way that becomes codified and linked with your name in the client’s mind. We want to create a brand that is top of mind, anytime a potential client thinks about the services you provide your name is the first name they think of because your brand has so strongly linked that service with that name for them.


A new or refined brand identity that resonates with both your values and your clients is critical for positioning your business as the top of mind expert in your market. It tethers what you do with what your customers believe is important. A good brand subconsciously allows your clients to see themselves through your imagery helping to not just meet the needs of clients but defining the needs of clients and then fulfilling those needs. This is what we design brands to accomplish.


  • President or CEO seeking to build a new brand and image.
  • Head of Marketing seeking to have a creative director and team bring their design to life.


Advok8 takes an immersive and long view approach to brand development.

    • We manage and author content. Between our founders we have extensive technical experience in engineering, product development, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, and business development. This means that even for clients who work in highly technical fields like utilities or technology, we are able to team up with the internal engineers and quickly learn the ins and outs of your products and/or services. We can then author strategic content to help facilitate brand development in a way that appeals to even the most technical of audiences.
    • Because we have brought all of our visual and creative arts production in house and do not subcontract out we are able to have complete control and flexibility over the aesthetic aspects of the brand building process.
    • We take the lead when it comes to creating or transitioning into new social media platforms and blogs. While we are contracted we control and manage these platforms and then towards the end of our contract we train and help guide the transition to a dedicated employee within your organization or a third party manager if you prefer so that you can confidently take it from there.


When the BVS process is complete we will have completed a ground-up creative makeover of the companies aesthetic elements which, together, will create a new and/or refined brand identity. This new brand identity will strategically serve the analytical and growth oriented strategies and opportunities we have identified in our other development processes.