Advok8 Strategy Planning and Execution is a process of working with the leadership of organizations to refine their mission, vision, and brand towards a real world view of a powerful and exciting outcome.  More and more, our research indicates that strategy, mission, vision and brand are often hollow declarations subsumed into conservative operational plans.  Companies fail to grow and falter.  We are hired to break this mold.

Marketing Analysis and Product Planning (MAPP) is a process developed to map all factors that might impact the success or failure of an organization or a specific product offering.


Advok8 can easily, honestly and professionally access markets, competitors, trade events, and gather data that might be hard for you to gather. We do so independently and without internal bias.


  • Board of Directors or Executives wanting an independent assessment of their business.
  • Head of Engineering or Head of Product Management wanting to conduct a product positioning analysis.


MAPP is an unbiased look at your business, your competitors, and the industry. Advok8 believes that the better the external picture is, the better we can develop a client’s growth strategy for a high growth future.  Too often, the market and competition become generalized and yet the most important thing is the specific definition.  It is only in specificity that one can discover the individual gaps for the opportunity.  Doing this is so important.

We determine who is leading the market, who is lagging, what trends are rising or falling, and what clients or market segments are shifting and influencing the industry or who remain untapped by your business. We then attempt to size and characterize each entity and its journey. We peek under the rocks and try to understand things about our clients’ businesses and their industry in ways that their internal bias may prevent them from understanding.

In addition to this broad market outlook, we also look closely at the technology, intellectual property, products and/or services offered in the market in order to establish where our clients objectively sit so we can precisely define value propositions, competitive edge, and weak points. This helps us to identify windows of opportunity which we define as positions of strength within a given market where competition for growth is not particularly strong.

In addition, we try to identify what we call “Map traps”. These are places where, if pursued, will result in a trap that our client cannot recover from after failure.


Advok8 focuses on an outcome with a published mission, value statements, brand and top level strategy.  Upon doing this, Advok8 will be available to work with each organizational group to develop their operational plans that deliver to this strategy.  Finally, Advok8 will work to create an on-line and project management system to have the necessary benchmarking and forecasting for this plan.  Advok8 can go as far as to conduct the quarterly audits to the plan and publish the results.

How do you compare?

We create a visual strategy because leadership and strategic participants are almost always a diverse group of people.  The CFO may know very little about the product.  The CTO may know very little about the market.  We create these visuals to allow the development of a strategy to commonly see the outcomes and the consequences of those decisions.

We also believe that the natural tendency is to define vision, mission, and strategy within the confines of the business.  Our goal is to use our outside and objective perspective to always frame decisions by the competition, the market, and the externalities that are almost as important.

Where can you find growth?

We work with our clients by dissecting their products and services into an Advok8 opportunity matrix.  In doing this, we can plot out the elements of the offering that will present the greatest growth opportunities.

Many times, particularly in mature companies, the company is locked into a legacy product line that offers the most revenue, but the least growth.  In most of these cases, growth is thought of as a new product.  Often growth is a new feature or new application of an existing product.  Our goal is to find growth where it may not have been recognized before.

Advok8 Strategic Boot Camp

Advok8 is offering a program that we have wanted to offer for some time.  It is a one week … game changing … growth oriented … strategic planning session that creates a leadership opportunity to put your organizational vision and strategic plan under a microscope.  To work with your leadership team to impact the future.  No time is better than right now, were their is a pause in the world.  We have even designed this to be covid-19 friendly with conference facilities set up properly or completely delivered via Zoom.

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