Responsive web site design (RWS) is classically defined as a site that renders very well on multiple devices such as televisions, computer display, tablet and smartphone. It is something that we pride ourselves in designing at Advok8™. However, for our clients, our goal is a living web site.

Living web site design is, first and foremost, transactional. The Advok8 client is doing many things with the site. Lead generation, selling, advertising, eCommerce, broadcasting, and interacting. Our goal is to design the site to make each and every purpose transactional. The transaction is to provide information and immediately elicit a response from the reader.

There are a number of ways to do this. At Advok8, we attempt to use a wide range of digital media and playable elements to engage the reader to treat the site as a living repository of valued and attractive information about each and every Advok8 Client


  • Extensive use of photography, videos and drone footage to allow images to replace 1,000s of words. The average user spends 15 seconds on a website but will watch a 2-minute video
  • Design of playable parts that tell a story. Many clients have complex products or stories. If we can put those into interactive and engaging formats, the customer is drawn in.
  • Personalized dashboards allow a customer or web user to enter the site, define a personal dashboard, and consume information. More importantly, this can also allow the customer to communicate, chat, design custom products and much more.

These are three of the strategies we have in web site design that make your business or non profit stand out from all the others.