The look of a website in many ways is secondary to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO means simply that your website has strong visibility in search engines like Google. If you search for the service that your company provides does your company pop up on the first page of websites that Google generates? Or, do you have to scroll to page 2, 3 o 6?

Search engines populate their search results using constantly changing algorithms that communicate with websites in specific ways. By understanding how these algorithms work we can engineer websites in a variety of different ways to improve that sites change of being seen when people search relevant keywords.

Some of this is done in the actual coding of the site where we will attach hidden keyword and metadata to every aspect of the site. Things like whole pages on your site all the way down to banner artwork can be coded to communicate relevance to the search engine.

Another way we do this is with the actual content on the site. Using certain phrasing, word counts, and placement of content are also used by search engines.

Great web design goes far being the layout and aesthetic. It is about engineering the site with SEO always in mind.