When we consult with companies in any given marketing and sales role, inevitably, the process and executables must remain in place (and improve) after we leave. It is very important for Advok8 that our contribution is nothing more than a seed that grows into a great, flowering plant as we leave. The areas of training that are mutually important to us:

  • Marketing Intelligence Operation – How to conduct both market and competitive analysis. Essentially, how to build a spy operation within your industry. How to effectively build a market knowledgebase so that all the company can share in this information.
  • Agile/Kanban project management applied to the product development process.
  • Corporate Product Launch – One of the most critical things we hear from CEOs and Presidents is that their company does not know how to launch products. Often a product launch is either a “singular event” or it is a list of checkboxes. If this is the case, we teach a campaign-style product launch process that IS effective and CAN BE great fun.
  • Teaching several collaborative and role-playing sales processes:
    – Power based selling
    – Sales negotiation techniques
    – Successful sales of complex products
    – Getting to yes in a globally Sourced World
  • Seminar : Downhill: The Building of Fast Moving and Healthy Startups. This is a byproduct of the book written by Steve Day.