Marketing and Sales After Covid-19

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I have been asked how marketing and sales will change. Covid-19 is a game-changer, but has both long and short term implications. I wanted to provide some quick-hit answers, and of course, Advok8 is ready to help:

Strategy – We will be more concerned about the fragile nature of the supply chain and the emergency and disaster protocols. We will be more cautious in strategically planning external impacts on business.

Product Management – Products will be oriented towards four characteristics: Diagnosis & automated repair, plug N play functionality, replace & throw away, zero service designs.

Marketing – Brand, promotion & campaigns will promote safety, responsibility and empathy as virtues of an organization. Less about ideals and “fake (news) value” statements. Travel, people gathering, F2F socialization will be replaced by individuals, small groups and self-fulfillment.

Sales – Sales will be even more process-oriented and less about relationships. Social referrals and positive reviews will mean a great deal. Multi-tier marketing will focus on channel and digital outlet development, with or without physical sales professionals.

Service – Service will be the most dramatically changed aspects of a business. How do I service without traveling, being onsite and physically interacting? Virtual environments from Zoom to Skype to YouTube will become the norm.

Call Advok8 if you desire to revise your outbound sales efforts for the future.

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