how have you changed your sales organization

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Reimagining the sales process. Gone for good?

1. Planes, trains, and automobiles (Who wants to get on a plane?)

2. Face 2 face cold calling (“Block”, “Spam”, “Junk” are the thing)

3. Trade shows ($200,000 booth, salesmen like penguins in a line at the edge of the booth)

4. Drinks and links (My husband/wife/partner is significantly more [fill in the blank] post-pandemic)

Here to stay!

1. Booking system, customer requested visits (tell the customer what you can do for them, and let them call to you)

2. Social media encouraged interactivity (tell a story that is interesting … instead of we have the best quality, tell a story of a product that helped win the day)

3. Video channels and product promotions (Do you have a video library, and do they make your customers learn, laugh, and cry?) Can you imagine the day when you manufacture circuit breakers and you build a drama with product placement)

4. Group virtual meetings (can you name three reasons to have group virtual meetings with customers, I can … training, product design, maintenance procedures)

Future concepts (in next post)

1. Multi-tier channels morphing into buying networks

2. Company-sponsored knowledgebase institutes

3. On-site turnkey system delivery

4. Master vendor-customer relationships

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